2nd - 4th February, 2018

The Grand Harbour Hotel

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About Sci-Fi Ball 24

What does Sci-Fi Ball 24 offer you?

A fantastic and intense three-day social experience that has a unique atmosphere generated by hundreds of enthusiastic attendees.

A warm welcome - Special attention is given to new attendees, together with a firm emphasis on customer satisfaction that is provided by the entire Sci-Fi Ball team.

Star Guests - The opportunity to see your favourite stars from Sci-fi, Film and TV and ask them questions during their talks. You can also get up close, as a professional photography service is available throughout the weekend along with autograph sessions. Guests are also free to enjoy the fun and are invited to come along and party.

Entertainment - On Friday night you can volunteer to take part our favourite party game Runaround and on the Sunday night we'll be playing Geekheads. Of course, you could simply sit back and enjoy watching the entertainments provided by our crew. You can flex your more creative and cerebral muscles by entering the competitions and quizzes offered throughout the weekend.

Technical wizardry - Television production quality equipment is used in order to bring you an audio-visual experience that is second to none: the main stage has full size projection screens and high-standard production equipment is used to record the whole event. Several large screens are dotted around the hotel providing a direct feed of main hall events throughout the hotel.

Fun and Food - Opportunities for Partying abound! Start your weekend with a bang with the official dancer’s night out at the Friday night disco, then dine in real style on Saturday at our formal and fabulous full 3-course black-tie or fancy-dress Banquet with late-night cabaret and dancing until 2am and finally on Sunday sing to your hearts content at the Karaoke-Disco until midnight. The fun just doesn't stop.

Parties - How do we make sure that no Sci-Fi Ball convention is ever the same? Easy! Every year we spice things up by thinking up themes for Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights!

Friday night - Noisier than Notting Hill at midnight and more riotous than Rio at 3 am, it’s Carnival time at SFB Towers! Grab your biggest maracas, your sixteen dancing girls and join in the Samba all the way through the hotel. 2018 is the year to celebrate Carnival in February. It’s time to channel your inner Carmen Miranda and raid the fruit bowl for this year’s seasonal headgear. It may be miserable outside. It may even be snowing, but throw off your winter blues, grab your ruffled sleeves and feel that party vibe! Tonights games are Mirandas Hat and that evergreen favourite Runaround!

Saturday night - Saturday night’s theme is the world of Disney, BUT we don't mean just Walt Disney World but the mega conglomerate that is Disney enterprises. So, you can squeak in as Minnie Mouse, crash your way in as Animal from the Muppet Show, or ride your Taun Taun in your best snowrider outfit from Star Wars. The possibilities are close to endless (depending on what else Disney acquire between now and 2018!) It is the Ball to cover all cosplay eventualities and we are expecting the very best combinations of crossovers and fabulous original costumes. Dress to impress and then join us and three hundred of your friends for a sumptuous three course Banquet. The Ball is coming to town and it says corporate adventure time.

Sunday Night The theme this year is What I was wearing when the ship went down!. Was it a 1920's orient lines cruiser or a vast imperial destroyer brought down by the rebels? You provide the back story and we provide the fun!

We have round two of Geekheads this year and we are expecting an impressive showing from our resident Sci-Fi Ball team. Can you beat them? Do you know your geeky facts?

Karaoke will run until the small hours and then its recovery time. Beware the tribble fight as its likely to happen during the Karaoke party!

Add to this the star guests, autographs, celebrity photo sessions and more - it's a weekend that you will remember for the rest of the year!

What are you waiting for?

Join the fun!

We promise:

  • To listen to you and do our best to organise an event that satisfies the needs of the most discerning convention goer.
  • To provide helpful staff.
  • To provide a variety of entertainments that suit all ages and abilities.
  • To put your enjoyment first!
  • To remain a fan-based, not a commercial, event.