2nd - 4th February, 2018

The Grand Harbour Hotel

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New for Friday night "A Question of Snort". A geeky game based on a popular BBC quiz programme but with probably a whole less sport involved. As lifelong geeks we expect you to know absolutely nothing about Sport - which is good because we know nothing about sport either. So we are going to run all the same rounds but with a super non-sporty type geeky twist.

We need two teams of three to play. Prizes galore and lots of silly SFB fun.

That's not the only new game show to grace the Sci-Fi Ball stage, and what could be better than Geek-Heads? When you consider that this small phrase describes so many of those attending The Ball, it’s a wonder we didn't start playing this years ago.

Drawing inspiration from the long running series of a very similar name, the game consists of two outstandingly clever teams. It will be attendees versus a team of qualified geeks from the Ball crew and previous players.

The game is played in five rounds. The first four rounds each focus on one subject category (of nine) while the final round tests general sci-fi knowledge. In the first four rounds, the challengers choose a member of their own team to play, and a Geek-Head against whom they wish to compete. Both players are asked in turn three multiple-choice questions. If there is no winner, the round goes into sudden death with no choices given for answers.

The player who wins each round earns a place in the final round, while the losing players are eliminated from the game.

A broad knowledge of literature, music and popular culture will be all you need, smothered with a thick helping of geekiness.

We need one team of five to play as contestants. If you have played before on a quiz you may enter as part of the Geekheads team. Please let any of the Entertainments team know that you wish to play and a grand list of contestants will be announced during Sunday.

Are you a quiz master, or do you simply want to get more fun for your money? The entertainment team needs you so put yourself forward via email
and we will find you a family. Get swotting up, give it your best and round off The Ball with a flourish!