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Board of Directors | Comms, Marketing & Public Relations | Partnerships

I’m an Executive Advisor to the Board of Directors - which means I help the big cheeses as to how we make the Sci-Fi Ball the best event it can be. I’m the Sci-Fi Ball’s Communications, Marketing and Public Relations Manager, so if you need a press release, an interview with a guest or if you’ve seen a story about the Sci-Fi Ball in the press - it’s likely that it was me who sent it into subspace. I’m often locked away in the Sci-Fi Ball Press Suite with journalists and our special guests during the day, but I'm about in the evenings and always happy to chat. I’m also the Partnerships Manager, so I look after all of our fantastic sponsors & partners. Do get in touch if you'd like to help the Sci-Fi Ball.

Fun Fact

I’m a Theatre Director and Producer and some of our special guests have come to the Sci-Fi Ball after they've worked with me in a play or musical in London and the West End.

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