Sci-Fi Ball 2021 Postponed

Hello Everyone,

I now have news and can let you all know what is happening with the Sci-Fi Ball next February. We have waited and waited in the hope that we would be able to go forward with the many great plans we have for next year.

Before making any announcements we have had to wait for discussions with the hotel about the operation and functionality of the Ball. The hotel staff have been on furlough and so for many months there was no one we could discuss the event with and get the answers to questions that we all needed.

There have been many, many zoom meetings and mooted ideas for practical solutions to going forward with the Ball; I know how much our Ball family miss each other and look forward to catching up, but in the end we have had to admit defeat, given the current rules with regard to Covid-19 and the experience some of us have had with this horrible virus it can only be the wisest choice.

Our foremost concern is to keep everyone safe and able to have a good time at the Ball and for that reason we are postponing to 2022.

The hotel is directly transferring all Sci Fi Ball bookings to February 11th – 13th 2022 so all deposits and bookings with them are safe and guaranteed. No further payments will be required until November 2021. We too will transfer everything in its entirety to 2022. We are all desperately upset about it, this is the twenty-seventh ball and this is unprecedented.

The good news is we haven’t given in entirely and on the Ball weekend February 2021 to help our withdrawal symptoms a little, we are hoping to put on a programme of online events to get us all together over the weekend. These will include previous Ball footage, a virtual fancy dress and disco and a few surprises to keep everybody going.

We are absolutely devastated at having to make this decision and know how deeply everyone feels for our event, but also for Teenage Cancer Trust who depend on us for a substantial amount of donations from our weekend. Hopefully we may also be able to do something for them too.

We have put up some factoids to answer any questions you may have, but please be reassured we are all in this together and your wellbeing is first and foremost in our thoughts. We are going to come back in 2022 bigger and better at our new venue and the only thing that I have a question for now is, will it be twenty-seven or twenty-eight or twenty-seven and a half??

Much love to you all

Annie, Brett, James, Paul, Luan and all your fabulous SFB Crew

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