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08 . 06 . 18

We are pleased to share with you our brand new Sci-Fi Ball Flexi-Payment Plan. An updated system to help those that need help with paying for Sci-Fi Ball 26 and details as to how it will affect those who are already on the old payment plan paying for Sci-Fi Ball 25 and why this should make paying for the Sci-Fi Ball even easier.

Moving forward, for those that wish to pay for Sci-Fi Ball 26 using the Flexi-Payment Plan, we will collect a minimum deposit of £40 (or more) at the next Sci-Fi Ball and we will then ask for a third of the outstanding balance quarterly with the second payment due by the end of June (invoices sent at the beginning of each month), third at the end of September and the final payment will be due by the 24th December. Payment can be made using BACS/Bank Transfer, cheque, debit or credit cards.

If you do decide to use the Sci-Fi Ball Flexi-Payment Plan you will receive a £10 discount off the total cost of the Full Weekend Dining / Non-Dining / Gold Pass Tickets packages.

For those that are already part of the old system, the dates above will also apply. However, If you have any confusion or would like to speak with our Treasurer regarding difficulties about the first payment date, please just e-mail as we appreciate this transitional stage may make this next payment difficult.

Or alternatively you can just pay the full amount for whichever tickets you require in full during the event or later via the new Sci-Fi Ball website.

Please note that we no longer handle room bookings and will provide you with a code once you have booked your tickets either via the Flexi-payment-plan or online that will allow you to book directly with the Grand Harbour Hotel.

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