UK premiere of Hashtag to be screened at Sci-Fi Ball 25 in aid of the Teenage Cancer Trust

UK premiere of Hashtag to be screened at Sci-Fi Ball 25 in aid of the Teenage Cancer Trust Logo

08 . 01 . 19

The Sci-Fi Ball is delighted to announce the UK premiere of science fiction short film Hashtag, produced by Los Angeles-based Runic Films and Little Empire Productions, will screen at the 25th Sci-Fi Ball held at the Grand Harbour Hotel, Southampton from 8 – 10 February 2019 in aid of the Teenage Cancer Trust. Star Gigi Edgley, director/co-writer Ben Alpi, and producer Jyotika Virmani will be offering a special Q&A after the premiere.

Hashtag is a thought-provoking short science fiction drama that examines a future where social media dominates our lives and "X" (Edgley), the top online celebrity, finds the true cost of her popularity. The short film also stars Erryn Arkin, and Juliet Landau as the voice of "Te'a".

In a looming future where social media celebrities dominate our culture, X is the world’s supreme online icon— but how far must she go to hold on to her popularity?

X lives the dream— she's connected, adored, and instantly validated by her hundreds of millions of followers. The ultimate influencer, celebrities like her are all we watch, all we listen to, all we care about.

From her high tech studio apartment, X manages a virtual empire with the help of Te’a, an omnipresent artificial intelligence. Every moment of her day is a product bought and sold. With the swipe of her hand, the warmth of her smile, or the turn of her hip, she drives markets, builds brands, and changes minds. She embodies the complete merger of culture and commerce.

Yet one thoughtless remark can reveal how fragile her tower of public adoration really is. As X struggles to sustain her popularity, a corrupting virus invades her regulated existence and forces her to question her reality. When her perfect life is threatened, how can X know what's true, what's fake, and whether or not everything she's built will collapse?

The screening will take place on Sunday 10 February 2019 at 1pm - the third day of the event and after the UK premiere, special guests Gigi Edgley, Ben Alpi, and Jyotika Virmani will discuss their short film and answer questions from attendees.

Alpi comments, "We are truly honoured to be holding our UK premiere at the Sci-Fi Ball to help raise money for the Teenage Cancer Trust. It’s very special for Gigi, Jyotika, and I to be there and to share our film with such sophisticated sci-fi fans in person.”

Founder of the Sci-Fi Ball, Anne Lindup comments, "In our 25th year of raising money for charitable causes by celebrating Sci-Fi, we are delighted to offer our first UK premiere of such a remarkable science fiction short. Furthermore, it feels like we're supporting our own family as host of the Sci-Fi Ball, Brett Jones worked on the film as a concept artist. Whilst we have a long history and association with sci-fi of the past, we are always looking to champion new futuristic tales that address vital issues of today".

For more information about Hashtag visit and to attend Sci-Fi Ball 25, please visit

Tickets are available from only £15 and the event is suitable for the whole family to enjoy.

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