2nd - 4th February, 2018

The Grand Harbour Hotel

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Sci-Fi Ball Patrons


Being a patron is not only a way to show your support for the Sci-Fi Ball but also an exciting opportunity to get unparalleled early access to our news and information.

Patrons will enjoy benefits such as advance notice of guest announcements and more.

Patrons will enjoy a membership that runs until the end of the next Sci-Fi Ball. Their names will be included on a patrons page on the website and printed in the event guides of any of our events that fall within that membership year.

This is a unique opportunity to show your support for the South’s leading Sci-Fi Event.

As a thank you to our patrons we host a patron-only event at the Sci-Fi Ball in Southampton.

Summary of Patrons Benefits

  • Exclusive patrons event at the Sci-Fi Ball.
  • Unique photo pack only available to patrons (T's & C's apply).
  • News and early guest announcements.
  • Your name on the Patron Page of the website.
  • Private patrons facebook page, with downloads, news and extras.
  • Knowledge that your support enables us to keep putting on world class events and raising money for charity.


  • Adult: £25 minimum (£35 to receive photo pack)
  • Couple: £40 minimum (£50 to receive photo pack)

How to join

If you would like to become a patron of the Sci-Fi Ball please complete the downloadable

If you have any queries about becoming a Sci-Fi Ball Patron please do not hesitate to contact our Patron coordinator by email


The following people have helped support our events as patrons from February 2017 to February 2018:

Baxter, Drew
Bell, Keith
Davies, Marc
Drake, Debbie
Evans, Rose
Gunnarson, Rajaa Renate
Harris, Jayne
Harris, Nigel
Jordan, Steven
Keeley, Adrian
Knight-Gray, Daniel
Landsman, Marc
Lowdon, Sonia
Miller, Jane
Mura, Jan
Mura, Lyn
Perkins, Laura
Playfoot, Rebecca
Pullen, Mark
Rogers, Graham
Rogers, Michelle
Smith, Abby
Thomas, Nigel
Tindall, Penny
Wu, Tai Ling

Terms and Conditions

  1. Single patron subscriptions are for one adult only.
  2. Couples subscriptions are for two adults living at the same address.
  3. Subscriptions run for one year from the joining date to the end of the next Sci-Fi Ball.
  4. Photo packs will be sent to all eligible patrons as soon as practicable after the event. Couple subscriptions will only receive one photo pack per couple. To be eligible to receive a photo pack you need to have paid a minimum of £35 for a single or £50 for a couple.
  5. Advance notice messages may be sent via email, SMS message or Facebook. Patrons should provide an email address and/or mobile telephone number. Those who do not provide a mobile number or email address will not receive any messages and will be deemed to have waived their right to this service.
  6. Advance notice of guest announcements is a privilege and whilst we understand that some element of word of mouth communication regarding guest announcements will occur, it would be appreciated if patrons avoided posting such information on the internet etc. until the formal announcement has been made. This is to ensure that the privilege of being a patron remains exclusive.
  7. The patron's Facebook group is an exclusive benefit of being a patron. Content is not to be distributed without prior permission from us and you are not permitted to allow non-patrons to have access to Facebook group.
  8. All active patrons are welcome to the patrons function at the Sci-Fi Ball at the end of the subscription year. Additional guests are not permitted.
  9. To gain access to the patrons facebook group you must notify the webmaster of your Facebook registered email address.