2nd - 4th February, 2018

The Grand Harbour Hotel

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As you may be aware, the crew are all volunteers. Many of us spend uncountable hours during the year to bring you the best event that we can.

If you would like to help us, you can, volunteer to be a steward.

It usually takes the form of checking people are authorised to be in the event function rooms. It only takes an hour of your day on Saturday and again on Sunday, although if you can spare more we will be very grateful.

We arrange it so that you get time to see each actor on the stage.

Stewards Security Briefing

Please read the following carefully. All stewards should follow this standard operating procedure.

Points of Contact

The Stewarding Manager

The stewarding manager will be on hand to help with any problems. Do not hesitate to ask any member of crew for help if needed.

Stewarding Roster

The stewards rosta will be posted during the event in good time so you can see when you are needed to be on duty.

Registration Desk

The Registration desk is the main information point for the event, replacement badges etc may also be obtained here.


All duties are 1 hour long. Please arrive at least 5 minutes before your duty is due to start. At the start of your duty, get a handover from the steward who is about to finish and take over from them. Remain at your post until relieved by another steward.

To find out when you are on duty see the rosta.

If you need to change your allocated time, please contact the security manager as soon as possible, well before your duty. Do not forget and not turn up; this causes all sorts of problems for everyone. If you let the security manager know then someone else can be arranged to do the duty.

Unless you volunteered for more you will be allocated a maximum of one duty per day.

The overriding part of your duty is to check badges. All badges are to be clearly visible. If an attendee is not wearing a badge or you cannot easily see it, they should be asked to wear it in an easily visible place, if they do not have one they should be sent to the registration desk for a replacement one. If they only have a wristband they are not permitted to attend guest talks and parties. If they do not have a badge or wristband they should politely be asked to leave the hotel, if they refuse or make no attempt to leave you should contact the security manager who will deal with the matter.

Under no circumstances are you to man-handle, shout-at, or be uncivil to anyone!

Please do not ask the Sci-Fi Ball Guest stars for their badges. They may be offended by your not knowing who they are when you have bought a ticket to see them.


If you encounter any difficulties or difficult situations arise (medical emergency) seek the assistance of a member of hotel staff or a member of crew (they will be wearing Sci-Fi Ball photo badges). Do not put yourself at risk by dealing with any difficult individuals or situations. This is unlikely to occur as everyone is here to enjoy themselves.


When you are off duty, you can take advantage of the reserved stewards seats at the talks.

Thank you for volunteering and have an excellent time at the Ball.

Keren Brooks
Steward Manager