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Company Secretary | Green Room Manager

The picture complete with Doctor Who scarf is my about to go visit Game of Thrones filmed area ‘North of the Wall’ in Iceland in January and -25 degrees C. That is the geekiest I have ever been.

I have been involved with the Ball since Ball 2. I was put in charge of the Green Room (sorry asked if I would like to do it!) by Annie about 15 years ago.

I tried to resign once a few years ago though was ‘invited out for tea and a chat’ by Annie and Brett! I had a sinking feeling and decided when we met up to surrender straight away and continue.

My role as Green Room Manager is a privileged position in so far I get to see the guests both on and off duty and do my best to make them relaxed and comfortable etc. The down side is I hardly ever get out of the room (except for occasional toilet breaks) to see or do anything at the Ball. Though we have a SFBall TV in the Green Room so that guests can see and hear what is happening in the main hall.

My biggest stress is to get the ‘Con Books’ signed by all the guests for the crew. Sometimes that goes down to the wire on the Sunday and occasionally a guest is ill or escapes early without signing them. Though on the whole with the help of others I manage to get them and other things signed.

There is also each year a new special guest request to add to a growing list such as. ‘Do you have any organic, caffeine free, fair trade, camomile tea with semi skimmed, organic, lactose free goats milk’? Yes, that has happened.

Annie is of course and yes its really true ‘Tea, Earl Grey Hot’ with a dash of milk.

Fun Fact

As a baby just turned 20-year-old Police Officer. I found myself handcuffed to the Yorkshire Ripper after his arrest and before they realised it was him the following day. I looked at him and instantly knew who he was. I still remember that I felt I was in the presence of pure evil. It sent me cold with shivers up my spine. From that date onwards I know there is good and there is evil out there. At SF Ball what keeps me going is that we do our best to be inclusive and are here to do good by and for everyone.  

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