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Sci-Fi Ball Lockdown Edition

The Ball is online
Join us on Feb 13th

Sci-Fi Ball Lockdown Edition is hereAs you all know this rotten pandemic means that we have had to postpone the Ball for this year. But never fear we have a whole day of entertainment for you. We have searched through the vaults at SFB Mansions and have gathered a whole days worth of memories from our previous events - Hurrah

Thats not all!

From 9.15pm our resident DJ Blake Harmer will be running a special online SFB disco. Yes thats two hours of grooving to your favourite geek dances.
Blake says “I'm going to miss it in the flesh! Its one of my favourite gigs of the year!”

Its Fancy Dress time

Feel free to join the disco in your fancy dress or cosplay outfits. Everyone will be able to see you - and admire your special costumes!

Our Charity

You can still donate to the Teenage Cancer Trust via this email or online during the event

We’ll be back in February 2022!

Sci-Fi Ball 2022

Hello Everyone,


Well it looks like there is some sunshine on the horizon and we are gearing up for 2022.


Obviously we are monitoring the situation and following the published guidance. Running an event like ours is challenging at the best of times, given Covid-19 and moving to a new venue it is certainly going to test the Team, but we are up to it and looking forward to it, as I know you all are.


We were delighted that so many people joined us for the lockdown edition of the Ball and the Disco later, it was fun and really gave everyone a buzz; we were all delighted to see so many familiar faces as well as some new ones and so lovely to see the talks and footage from the Ball. So many thanks to everyone on Team for creating such a wonderful day and thanks to all of you who made it such a success.


February is the month of the Ball, a month chosen by us twenty-seven years ago which is now known far and wide as the pick me up at the start of the year. We are working hard now to create a guest list that you will all enjoy and a weekend of epic proportions with a new look, new spaces, new dealers room and much, much more. All the crew are raring to go and we can promise you a Ball that has been worth waiting for.


So fingers crossed that the British public continue to be sensible (for the most part) are vaccinated and that Covid-19 will begin to fade from our day to day lives from next year and we can go ahead at full throttle.


Love and best wishes to everyone,

Annie, Brett, James, Paul, Luan and all the wonderful crew


A Shiny New Website Logo

A Shiny New Website

It's taken a lot of hard work, however the Sci-Fi Ball is delighted to share with you our shiny new website. Many thanks to Karen and Sean Douch of Rendili - Web and Mobile Development for all of their hardwork adding every bell and whistle they could find whilst ensuring a much better user experience for our customers.

We wouldn't be a Sci-Fi convention unless there was a gremlin or two, so if you do discover any problems, please let us know.

There will be many updates over the next few months, including uploading our 25 year history of the convention, new events and guests announcments so make sure you keep checking back to discover all things Sci-Fi Ball.

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